best multiplayer games online 2018

Best Multiplayer Games For PC 2018 – Latest Updated

best multiplayer games online 2018

Best Fun Multiplayer Games Of 2018 – Updated

A game becomes interesting when it is loved by the people. The people love those games that have good sound, excellent visuals, and most importantly good players. How good it is when you can interact with people socially while playing the game. A good game is a combination of many features that attracts the audience and makes a successful entry in the gaming world. The few best multiplayer games 2018 are mentioned below:

  1. Dishonored

Dishonored is a stealth action plus adventure video game. It was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. This game is a gem. There are various missions in this game that can be completed through stealth, combat, or a combination of both. The missions are very interesting and new goals and achievements are opened at every level.

The equipments are designed in a way that varies according to the response of the player’s action. All the missions can be completed and eliminating all of Corvo’s targets, in a non-lethal manner.

  1. Fallout series

Fallout is a series of post-apocalyptic role-playing video games. There are various characters in this game. SPECIAL is an acronym representing the seven attributes used to define fallout characters: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. There are Wasteland, Bandits, Zombies, roaches, Molerats, Deathclaws, and Radiation in it.

  1. The elder scrolls V

A perfect game for adventure lover. One of the best RPGs out there. Here is the vast and adventurous place for exploring. This game is a mixture of high fantasy elements such as magic and mythological creatures such as dragons. The inhabitants in it include humans as well as humanoid fantasy races such as elves, anthropomorphic and orcs animals.

A common theme in the lore is that a chosen hero rises to defeat an incoming threat, usually a malevolent being, or an antagonistic army.

  1. Wolfenstein series

From Wolfenstein 3D to Wolfenstein: The New Order this game is about killing Nazis with a hug arsenal of weapons. The first two games in the series, Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein were stealth-based and featured a 2D top down perspective.

The third game in the franchise, Wolfenstein 3D, introduced a first person perspective with faster-paced action.

  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2.5D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This game is loved by the audience and has received very appreciating reviews from the critics and it was also released as one of the best fighting games in the eighth generation of video game consoles.

This game has 24 characters with further character planned as paid downloadable content. The music and visuals system of the game is commendable.

  1. Borderlands 2

Borderland 2 is an open world action role playing first person shooter video game. It is the second game in the Borderlands series. This game allows the players to complete a campaign consisting of central quests and optional side- missions as one of four treasure seekers, Vault Hunters, on the planet Pandora.

The main attraction of this game is collecting loot such as weapons, skins, shields and all such other items.

  1. Overwatch

Overwatch is one of the best team based multiplayer first person shooter video game. This game assigns players into two teams of six, with each player selecting from a roaster of over 20 characters, known as heroes each with a unique style of play whose roles are divided into three general categories. Overwatch updates always remains free.

The charges are only applicable to players being microtransactions to earn additional cosmetic rewards. This game is considered as the greatest video games of all time receiving numerous game of the year awards.

  1. Team Fortress 2

It is a sequel to the Team Fortress Classic. It is a team based multi player shooter video game. Here the players can join any one of the two teams comprising nine character classes, battling in a variety of game modes including capture the flag and king of the hill. This game has excellent art direction and humour.

Valve continues to release new content including maps, items, and game modes, as well as community-made updates and contributed content. In this two opposing team are competing with each other for a combat-based objective.

The teams are represented by the names of these companies: Reliable Excavation and Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU). Each character in this game has its own unique strength and weaknesses.

  1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is a free multiplayer game to be played online. The game is the stand-alone sequel to Defense of the Ancients(DotA). This game is played in matches between two teams consisting of five players in each team. Each player holds power over a character called hero, who all have unique abilities and different style of playing.

During a match all the players collects experience points and items for their heroes to successfully battle the opposing team’s heroes in player versus player combat. A team wins by being the first to destroy a large structure located in the opposing team’s base, called the Ancient.

  1. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a combination of action and adventure game. The player in this game takes the role of a pirate sailing the sea of an amazingly beautiful world either solo or as a part of a crew of up to four players. In this the players explore an new world which leads to a unique world of adventure.

The adventure is done through sea. The players embark on quests, collect loot and engage in combat with other players. This game has a cartoonish art style which is eye capturing. The players can collect coins by completing missions called voyages. Different weapons are given to the players at the beginning of the game and have five rounds of ammo before needing to find an ammo box to restock.

The four usable weapons are a flintlock, a blunderbuss, a sniper rifle, and a cutlass. At a time only two weapons can be carried together.


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