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Roblox Cheat Codes And Tips – Guides To Play Roblox Efficiently With Free Robux

One of the world’s largest interactive platform for kids that gives them an opportunity to imagine, create and play in a Three Dimensional virtual environment. Created by the players themselves, all the games and experience are something extremely different and also educational for those who choose to play this game.

After the play signs up and gives themselves and avatar, they are provided access to their own personal piece of real estate, along with a virtual tool box also knows as Roblox studio to help the players build. The creations by the players can be monetized to earn the virtual currency on Roblox called Robux.

This virtual currency can be used to purchase more such avatars, accessories, additional abilities amongst the plenitude of experiences available on the platform. One of the safest place to play, chat and collaborate with others on various creative projects.

Roblox is becoming super popular these days and the players cannot seem to have enough of this wonderful and amazing game. In case, you weren’t aware, Roblox, very briefly, is  a massively multiplayer game available online that allows the players to create and build their own worlds, and gain a social platform to communicate with others through the world that they have built. Designed mainly for children and pre teens, for the age group eight to eighteen years, however, this unique game’s fun experience cannot be limited only to children, can it? Adults too, have access to all the fun.

We are here with an article that you will thank us for later if you’re a Roblox player and facing difficulty in trying to fit in and be a part of the world created you in the game. Here are some cheats and tricks to help you deal with the game even more smoothly.

Free robux

You can get 400 Robux absolutely free, by simply typing in ‘brickmaster5643’ after joining the Builder’s Club once you start playing the game. Robux as mentioned earlier, is virtual money in the game that allows you to purchase avatars, accessories, etc.


Ofcourse we want you to have fun while playing the game, but what fun is a game without some amount of cheating. You can cheat on levels and experiences in the game by simply typing in the addition and subtractions signs and entering 850000000000.

Type “-” or “/” and enter: 850000000000

For example, if you want to cheat on level and experience, enter: 850000000000 / 850000000000

Free OBC

You can get free OBC and the step is absolutely simple. After you log in to your account, make sure to head over to the Builder’s Club and type in the code 94063 to get free OBC. Please make note of this that, this trick will work, only if you have a Builder’s Club purchased.


If you want to do a moonwalk. It does not get any simpler than this. All you have to do is press the arrow up button + S.


It is unfortunate that Hoverboards are not really allowed in the real world anymore, however, that absolutely does not mean that you cannot have access to and ride one anymore. To gain the ultimate and most fantastic hoverboard experience, you simply have to go to any game in Roblux that incorporates skateboards. Now get on to your skateboard and don’t forget to wear your Military Experimental Jetpack. Have a never before, Hoverboard experience.

Flying hat

Don’t worry, this article on Roblux cheats and tricks will also teach you how to do a crazy trick or two. If you want a flying hat, All you have to do is like mentioned earlier for Hoverboard, go to any game wearing a hat. Then, all you have to do is press the ‘=’ button without even doing any talking. This will cause your hat to shoot off your head. Well, now if you miss your hat, go walk on it or die. Those are the only two options available to procure your beloved hat back.

‘Broken’ ninja mask

If you want to get what they call a broken ninja mask, you will need to have is to get a Perfection Head or a Round Head. Wear this with that ninja mask and then see the results!

‘Ripped’ bag

This one is very similar to the aforementioned broken ninja mask trick. All you have to do is buy a paper bag and a Round Head. You will then have to wear this round head and the paper bag and then see the rip in the bag.


Want to have the wonderful experience of gliding? It is really as simple as jumping and then using your sword to glide. You can also buy a jet pack to fly. However, there is one problem with buying the jet pack, if you want to glide down, you will have to destroy the jet pack with a hammer.

Trapping a newbie

This one is a very easy trick. If you want to trap a newbie, all you simply have to do is grab any ordinary chair and position it in such a way that it faces downward. Then go ahead and take the chair to a newbie ship and carefully watch as the newbie sits on it.

Flying with white blocks

Do you want to fly? All you have to do is just make two tiny white blocks stick on the upper part of your legs. The go ahead and press the up or the down button and you’ll see that you’ll start flying.

Zombie riot

You cannot have Roblox cheats and tricks article if it does not include a zombie riot cheat. And don’t you worry, this cheat is actually very simple. Here’s all you have to do. You will have to use the copier and delete tools to click on a zombie. Then go ahead, sit back and relax watching the zombies shooting from the ground.


You can buy the driver’s license t-shirt by Playrobot for 20 Tix and wear the t-shirt to the Robloxiaville game and gain access super VIP. Cool isn’t it?

Fly with a brick

This one is a fun trick. Get a 2 x 2, 2 x 3 or 2 x 4 brick and put it on top of your feet and beneath your stomach. You will now be able to fly when you walk.


Roblox Guides And Cheats {100% Genuine} – Earn Free Robux

Roblox Guides And Cheats For Earning Free Robux – Genuine Methods To Grab Free Robux

Hello everyone. Once again we have come up with something that you were eagerly waiting for. Obviously playing games is a passion for many individuals but nowadays it can be very easily observed that along with games people have found an interest in developing applications and games. Sometime you do not find the game that you want to play on the internet or you want to play a certain category or a particular story-line. So in this case making your own game helps the most. And it can also serve as a source of income.

About Roblox:

It is a sandbox game that allows the user to create their own game using the tools and roblox studio. And the game is made such that players throughout the world have an access to the game. So guys after working so hard the best platform for game development is made and for this you need not to learn any computer language.

Building a place of your own:

If you want to develop an area of your own choice then you must go for this application. As it has amazing tools and graphics to build the best place in the world just by using your own imagination. Click on insert blocks and you can drag the blogs to the location you want and further they can be rotated and many more things can be done to them with the help of studio. You can finally save the place by making the changes you want and make it so attractive that players throughout the world actually want to visit the place.

build a place with roblox studio

Making new bricks is just an amazing task. Simple click insert which is given on your screen, juts on the right side. Go to select bricks which are sown in menu given down below. Now click on the right colour of the brick.

In order to move your bricks, go to the game tool and now click and also, hold the button right on the brick in order to displace it. Rotation is also very simple in the game, you can press R and tilt the brick by using the button T and your are good to go.

Now comes the part of editing those bricks, it is simple though. A roblux studio must be needed for this task. This you can get from the website of Roblox. The studio needs to be accessed by turning the edit mode on. The explorer window will be visible just in front of your screen. It will contain a list of a lot of objects that are seen in the game. The blocks can be easily edited by starting the group know to be as workspace.

To edit the bricks, you will need a Roblox Studio which you can obtain through their website. You can access the studio by clicking on the toolbar the Edit Mode button. A window named Explorer will be shown in the right of your screen once the studio opens, and it has a list of every object found in the game. You can edit blocks by opening the group called workspace. These edit properties can easily let you reshape, resize and change the colours of your bricks. Stuff created already can be enabled in robloux. For example: the sky or the scripts. These can be put by simply using the Insert Button

Do not forget to save your created things and to share the created things publically. Editing can be done in the edit mode. All you have to do is to choose File and simply publish it to roblox. The visitors visiting your profile can look up to your created things. If in case you require, many copies of the place, all you got to do is click File, choosing Save As and selecting and giving a name for the file.

Some useful hacks for the game: 

Make sure your finish Yorick’s Resting Place in order to free the Riddling Skull to play for yourself.

If you have never paid attention to the usage of skateboard in the avatar of a quick hoverboard, this is a quick reminder. So no wasting time, go for a fly ride on your skateboard. You can come down and achieve a jet pack in order to play. Later, in your convenience you can simply destroy it. Also, never miss out on Robloxia news.

If your aspire to enter the VIP rooms for free of cost,all you got to do is to zoom in and If you notice that there is a crack on the wall, you can easily walk towards it.

How to Fuse Weapons!

how to fuse weapons on roblox

Well! If you want to fuse the weapons, You should visit a place that has swords just like you find in Telamon and achieve the two weapons of your aspiration. One major thing that has to be remembered is the TIME. It stands for major concerns in here. In case of triple attacks you can see both of your weapons coming into use. This will be very beneficial in attacking your opponents. It can beat them down.

Reminding you about the glitch in the Studio system, Make sure you do not miss out on creating a backup of your files and places. 

Some of the major Cheats and Roblox Hacks

roblox tips and tricks

If you want to have 400 free robux, simply write “brickmaster5643” to avail it.

For free OBC, all you got to do is to type 94062

If you have the want to alter your level or your experience-put this: 850000000

If you feel like dancing and wish to do to that epic moonwalk of Michael Jackson, simply press the up arrow key and the S key.

To obtain a ninja mask that is broken, get the Round head and wear it along your mask of ninja.

Want to see a rip in a bag? Buy yourself a paper bag and also a round head.

Fly using the blocks simply by getting to white blocks with your legs and pressing the keys of Up and down.

Also, you get a chance to freeze the entire game by pressing Control F1 in amidst the game.

Wanna start a Zombie riot? Go and click on a zombie and click on the copy as well as delete tool.

Your arms and weaspons are capable of getting through all sorts of bricks but remember, it cannot go through Lava. That is an exception.

Reset chairs and you will get a great number of points by resetting the stairs and the bodies.

Use the green disc that has been given to you, it will help you beat the path that is invisible. You have to place it on the edge and then you have to bring it back to the same character that you are.

Tips for the Underground War

During the In “The Underground War” war, the players are protected as they are wearing hats that majorly covers the crucial part of the head. But in case if a sniper hits you at that spot, you hat will fall down. Though it won’t lead to any damage but can put you to risk now onwards. If you want complete protection, make sure you use a paintball mask. This can save you to a great extent.

For the control of the plave while the war, you have to learn some controls that are necessary to run your helicopter. Press Y to begin. X for turning off the power, B in orther to use the landing gear. You have to use T to make a flip, press H to make a barrel roll.

Some more pointers for the game:

You require cash and you will go to the mayor who will provide you some work and you will go again like you may have to bring woods and all or there are a many ways of moving here and there like using the hover board or there are many glitches in the game which allow you to fly and hence moving the place faster. If you wish to enter the VIP room, see whether there is a crack in the wall and go enter it.

And then there is the use of fuse weapons. If you have two weapons or more and play by pressing backspace and both the keys for weapons then you can actually simultaneously use two weapons at the same time. So the main thing to notice is the timing and you can double your attack. 

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Last Words:

After searching throughout the web and taking the reviews of a lot of players and playing the games, the professionals found out the glitches in the game that we are sharing here with you. They are 100% working and will boost your performance in the game. So you must make the best combinations to get the best position on the leader board and attract most people in your place. So if you like this blog and find it trust-able do share it with other people. Thanks for reading.